Who created the logo of the “M” like 2 faces?
That logo was created by Tiger (You can find out more about him in the forums.)

What’s the difference between SPT, SPForum, and SPMail?
SPT is the session management portion of this forum. When a user logs into the forum they are authenticated by the SPT section.

When a user is anon or logged in and viewing the forum posts, making posts, etc then that user is using the SPORUM section.

If the admin (when its installed) sets up the SPMAIL section to be available to users, then users will be using the SPMAIL section when they are sending or retrieving their mail. (Yes users can retrieve their POP3 email accounts and read them here inside the forum.)

Can I take even the smallest portion of this forum and sell it?
No. Not any portion of this code. None. This code is protected by the GNU GPL License.
To view this license to go this URL: http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html

I’d like to contribute some money. Can I?
Sure. Any money sent to this organization will go toward miscellaneous expenses to help this project along.

Who created Sporum?
As far as I can tell there was one individual that did the primary work on what Sporum version 1
became – I don’t know his/her name – this person went by the handle small-pig. “Small-pig” dropped
off the Internet sometime Q2 of 2000. The version 2 series of the sporum forum was primarily
the latest unstable version released by “Small-pig” made stable by the work of Mike Robb a.k.a
JS-Examples. Other individuals (Tiger, Volatile, Jeff Dafoe, and a few others) also made improvements
toward this stable version. Primarily these 4 individuals have branched out yet another version
of Sporum – a.k.a. “Spiffy” – They have since dropped all support of the
spiffy branch, leaving the Sporum branch alone.

Is Sporum FREE?
Yes it is free. It is part of the open source project family and is protected under the GNU GPL License.

This is a URL where you can read about the GNU GLP license:

The date format shows up instead of the date – what can I do about this?
There are a few places where you set the format of the date in this version – here is one such place:
File => SmallPigVars.pm:
Use one of these (not both) as it depends on your server which will work:
‘date_format’ => “m/d/y h:i p”,
— OR —
‘date_format’ => “%m/%d/%y %h:%i %p”,