Site News

  • Registration Turned Off
  • To combat the spammering registration this site is getting, registration on this test site has been turned off.

  • Updates to version 3.0.10
  • This update now includes capability to use the Subscribe feature.
    If you would like pre-release updates drop us a line on the contact page (or any post on the forum as we are now subscribing…

  • Sporum 3.0.7 Released
  • The release page shows the updates that have been made in preparing this new version.

  • WebRT version 2.0.22 Released
  • Updated WebRT running support for this project.
  • You can now sign up to receive email notifications on ticket by ticket basis

  • WebRT – Added For Sporum Issues
  • Shows open issues (bugs and enhancements)
  • Allows mail distribution to users who want to follow Sporum development
  • An open source project (FREE) all to itself

  • Release 3.0.3
  • Added new board security level – Group Public
    *Must be in group to post
    *Anyone can read
  • Fixed email URL to be based upon configuration data in Makefile
  • Changed top level “category” to be “section”
    There exists sections in the forum which each contains categories, which each contain the forum boards. Double meaning of the word category was too confusing — removed that confusion by renaming the top most level to be a “section”.
  • Modified Makefile and supporting perl files to allow for the section names to be definable instead of a hardcoded c1,c2,c3…
  • Commented the Makefile a bit more
  • Notice Perl 5.004 can not support the smilies pattern matching code. you have to remove that code if you want to run on perl 5.004. it is in sporum/

  • New Packaging – New Version
  • I have finally found some time to repackage Sproum. The new packaging makes installation much easier.

  • All configuration is done in the Makefile
  • doing a “make install” copies all files into the proper placement, setsup the paths, and your database
  • still to be done: cronjobs.
  • This will be version 3.0.0
  • It allows to have only 1 file set up for each Theme (color selections).
  • It compacts all templates into one directory and only one copy of each template

  • Updated Code
  • In spt/ – modified bot detection
  • (notice the commented out code after the call to no_way($deny); ## )

    This was necessary because the cron tasks were generating the output from the routine no_way()

    sub get_config{
        my $deny=0; # set to not deny
        my $i;
        # warn ">>BOTNAME=\"$BOTNAME\""; ## This puts data into the error logs for test purposes
        my @temp = split(/\|/,"$config->{'DENY_BOTS'}");
        foreach $i (@temp)
          if ($BOTNAME =~ /$i/i)
            $deny=1 if(!$deny);
        no_way($deny); ## || ($BOTNAME eq ""));
        return $config;
  • In spt/ – routine sendmail()
  • (Notice the line @INC = (“.”,@INC);)

    This was added to make sure this routine uses the HTML perl modules that are included with this release. Newer versions of HTML are not compatible.

    sub send_mail{
      my ($addr, $from, $subject, $content, $replyto, $lang) = @_;
      # --- if there is no recipient address
      return if !$addr;
      @INC = (".",@INC);  # MAR 8/2001 - added to use HTML perl module that is part of this release
      require HTML::TreeBuilder;
      require HTML::FormatText;

  • New Add On
  • Take a look at the Add-Ons – There is a new Perl add on listed

  • Code Update
  • I noticed that some people rudely crawl through one’s web site – burning bandwidth.
    This change will return a blank web page for any web crawler you specify

    In sporum->

    Add This into the config data structure:

      # --- DENY-BOTS
      # --- Any HTTP_USER_AGENT that matches (case insensitive) with any item in this list deliniated by |
      # --- will get a blank web page in return
      # Mozilla == IE
      'DENY_BOTS'           => "Wget|WebZIP|down|WebReaper|Bjaaland|Quester|DIIbot|HTTrack|Unknown|rawler|Slurp|WebCopier|WebStripper|LinkWalker|Teleport",

    Then change the subroutine get_config like this:

    sub get_config{
        my $deny=0; # set to not deny
        my $i;
        # warn ">>BOTNAME=\"$BOTNAME\""; ## This puts data into the error logs for test purposes
        my @temp = split(/\|/,"$config->{'DENY_BOTS'}");
        foreach $i (@temp)
          if ($BOTNAME =~ /$i/i)
            $deny=1 if(!$deny);
        no_way($deny || ($BOTNAME eq ""));
        return $config;

    Then lastly just add the following subroutine:

    sub no_way
      my $BYE_BYE ="Context-type: text/html\n\n";
        print $BYE_BYE;

  • Code Update
  • Pointed out by: chojin AT

    In sporum->Templates->Admin->

      # 6/2001 - chojin AT
      # changed $fileattachv to be subscriptionv
      if($subscriptionv == 1){ $check1 = "checked"; }
      else{ $check2 = "checked"; }
      my $sub = qq|
        <input type=radio name=boardsub value=1 $check1>$lang->{'yes'}
        <input type=radio name=boardsub value=0 $check2>$lang->{'no'}
  • Pointed out by: chojin AT

    In sporum->Templates->

    This Change added quotes around $sig

    my $sigp = qq|<textarea name="mysig" rows=2 columns=50 value="$sig" size=127 wrap="soft">$sig</textarea>|;
  • Pointed out by: m.stiefenhofer AT

    In sporum->

     sub get_lang_ptr{
        my ($lang, $type) = @_;
        $lang ||= $config->{'lang'};
        $type ||= "fdefault"; # 6/2001 - m.stiefenhofer AT <m.stiefenhofer AT>
        my $thememod = "Langs::$lang\::$type";
        # --- load the theme module
        return get_lang();

  • Released Initial Release 2.0.0 On April 8, 2001
  • This release is compatable with the Image release spt_imgs_2_0_0.tar.gz
  • It is a stable version.

  • Fixed To Allow Registration On April 4, 2001
  • There was a problem with the file spt/ that was not allowing it
    to use the HTML::FormatText [that it uses in send_mail() ]. I can only
    guess that something on my server changed as it worked before, and now is not.

    A bit of a mystery – but it is fixed and working now!

    Thanks to Ferry Korving for letting me know there was a problem! 🙂

  • I was also posting up the incorrect license that applies and protects Sporum. I have upated the FAQ page to reflect the correction. Sorry if this confused anyone.

    Thanks again to Ferry Korving for clueing me in on this error.

  • Added Site Pages On April 2, 2001
  • Added PHP database information on each page
  • Added “Add Ons” Section
  • Fixed bug to lookup a user stats when they have registered – but not confirmed
  • Site Opened Up On April 1, 2001
  • Forum Installed on site
  • Links set up to known places running sporum
    Have one to list? email addme AT (spam unfriendly email)
  • Created Install instructions – still need to finish up spt,sporum,spmail install instructions
  • Created a FAQ page