Relase 3.0.9

  • Download sporum_3_0_9.tar.gz by contacting us
  • Release Notes:

    3.0.9 – Updated theme*/*/ft* for groupexp file name to be group.gif

    – Added capability for a user who is logged in to be able to change the color-theme

    by clicking on an image color in the main header-link section. Much easier now.

    * Issue is that now the color schemes are hard-coded into the following files:

    – spmail/Templates/

    – sporum/Templates/

    – sporum/Templates/

    – spt/Templates/

    (Need to have it be automatic and sense the themes that are present.)

    – Updated forum to have a Spanish language section.

    Since I only know english, I can not translate the words to make it really


    – spt/Langs/espanol/*

    – sporum/Langs/espanol/*

    – spmail/Langs/espanol/*

    3.0.8 – Went and modified both sporum and spmail for image files by color and by language.

    – bl BLUE

    – db DARK BLUE

    – lg LIGHT GREEN

    – gy GREY

    – pk PINK

    – en ENGLISH

    3.0.7 – modified many files to incorporate a new Image for each language.

    Now english, spanish, etc would have special images that could be used

    so it is very clear where one would click to make a new post, etc.

    as always – graphics are basic – and any help with better graphics would be

    used to replace those which are currently being used.

    The “DEFAULT” language still uses the language inspecific symbols/images.

    The “ENGLISH” language forces the use of the “en_*” image files which

    currently show english words in the images so it is very clear where to click

    for ENGLISH reading users to perform any given action. (POST,READ,etc)

  • Relase 3.0.6

  • Download sporum_3_0_6.tar.gz [~308K]
  • Release Notes:

    3.0.6 – changed (line 432) to define the variable others and set to “”

    and set it to ‘order by $tmp’ only if $tmp exists.

    – changed several files that had “ORDER BY $variable” so the ORDER BY is only

    used if the $variable exists.

    3.0.5 – added light green theme (thanks to

    – fixed incorect directory name reference for themes to be Themes in Makefile

    – updated date format on mail lit page

    – updated grade posts to have correct path – it was hardcoded to sporum site. now uses makefile defined path

    – added removal of database entry for case where sendmail is not working and new user creation is aborted.

    not doing this left the database in an unstable state – where new users could not be created.

    – added grey theme (thanks to Darrick Servis)

    – added “.” to INC with unshift in all cgi files in the sporum directory (like cindex.cgi)

    – Modified the spmail X-Mailer flag to have this web site ( instead of

    – rt#? – fixed file attach to do proper database query.

    – file referenced Ops::Mail which it should have been using Ops::MMsg

  • Relase 3.0.4

  • Download sporum_3_0_4.tar.gz [~300K]
  • Release Notes:

    3.0.4 – fixed crons: setup to not have a ‘2’ in the path

    – fixed cron/category/*.pl to have path in INC that is defined in the Makefile

    – updated Makefile to be able to replace the server path of the sections

    3.0.3 – fixed the auto mailing respond in URL to be changed by the Makefile

    – modified what was called categories to be called sections.

    also allow server path and url specifications of sections to be any valid

    url/path you want instead of the c1,c2,c3,c4…

    – added new board security setting of group-public (only group can post – all can read)

    3.0.2 – added ‘default’ theme and language for easy upgrading from old version 2 sporum

    – removed automatically chmod’ing since somem servers will have problems with this

    – changed cindex.cgi to not use |, but rather
    to separate boards in a category

    3.0.1 – added cron “suggestion” for setup

    – commented configuration items in Makefile

    3.0.0 – Initial release of new packaged forum suite